Actuarial Services

Instant access to highly specialist skillsets

Solving the problem of sourcing highly specialist and niche skills, our interim actuarial staff can be rapidly deployed to help your organisation react quickly to cyclical needs, emergency cover, peaks in work, and special projects.

Our team provides strategic direction as well as practical support, tailored to your exact requirements for both long and short term placements. The diversity and quality of our UK-wide network of actuarial talent ensures we have access to the right levels of skill, experience and qualifications to meet the most exacting project requirements.

We were founded to meet industry demand for specialist actuarial expertise and we retain our strong ethics and expertise in financial services, giving us a deeper understanding of the challenges that organisations face and enabling us to provide you with superior solutions.

Our interim actuarial and risk assessment experts range from actuarial trainees to qualified actuaries with decades of post-qualification experience.  We undertake a diverse range of work across financial services (banking, insurance, investments and pensions), government and other industries.

The actuarial services we provide are not limited to, but include:

  • Financial modelling in systems, e.g. Prophet, MoSes, Igloo
  • Financial reporting and reserving
  • Product development and pricing
  • Systems testing and migration
  • Bulk Purchase Annuities
  • Solvency II
  • Pensions Consulting
  • Scheme Actuary and Peer Group Review
  • Remediation projects including pensions and investment reviews


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