Supporting Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage lenders are facing pressures from multiple directions with increased regulatory oversight around affordability, duty of care to consumers and development of digital tools and platforms. Operational resilience is key for firms to withstand these pressures and thrive in this sector as it undergoes significant changes. 

Working with Mortgage Lenders

Equiniti Hazell Carr provide a range of services to help Mortgage Lenders increase operational resilience and adapt to changing regulatory requirements.

Services for Mortgage Lenders

Industry Challenges for Mortgage Lenders

With increased mortgage terms and LTI’s continuing to grow reflecting wider social change there is ever more scrutiny and oversight from the FCA on complaints handling and putting consumers interests first. Technology is becoming increasingly important as a driver for change influencing the way consumers and firms interact. Digital tools will help with influencing decisions and improving communication, giving more choice and support to finding the right mortgage and reducing harm.

Industry Challenges for Mortgage Lenders

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