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Contracting FAQs

Some of the questions we are asked most often by our new contractors

Q. What do I need to do to register interest for an Equiniti Hazell Carr contractor role?

A. You need to follow the application instructions in the opportunity you are interested in, including the job title in the subject of your email to ensure it reaches the right member of our recruitment team. However, if you would like to register interest for our talent pool please email your CV and covering letter to with an overview of your experience and the type of role you would be interested in.  

Q. I understand Equiniti Hazell Carr compliance requires several checks to be carried out. What does this entail?

A. The checks Hazell Carr must comply with, some required by law, fall under the following categories:

Identity and legal right to work check:

  • Valid passport, visa and share code.
  • Birth certificate, driving licence and official documentation showing your NI number. e.g. NI card, HMRC letter, P45.

Proof of address check:

  • Drivers licence, provisional licence, utility, credit card or bank statements, dated within 3 months of the start date of the contract. Note we cannot accept mobile phone bills or insurance documentation as proof of address, or documents that are online digital copies. 

Employment check:

  • Information to cover the last 5 years including employment, unemployment and education.
  • Gaps to be explained in Statement of Fact with gaps of over 1 month to be evidenced e.g. JSA, stamps in passport for travel, HMRC report.

Verification of academic/professional qualifications

  • Sight of original or certified copies may be required for individuals with less than two years’ work experience
  • Sight of original or certified copies of qualifications relevant to role, such as actuarial and CII exams (FPC / CFP)

Q. Do you also carry out credit and DBS checks?

A. Yes, these are increasingly being requested as standard requirements of all clients in the financial services sector. Failure of either of these does not automatically disqualify you from a placement, as it depends on client specifications. We do however, recommend you let us know in advance if you have had any credit or criminal issues in the past, so it can be managed at the outset.

Q. I’ve been offered a role through Equiniti Hazell Carr. What are the next steps?

A. You will need to get set up with an umbrella company, and work with the onboarding team to ensure your background checks are completed in time for your start date. 

Q. Who are the umbrella companies you work with?

A. We have a preferred supplier list of Umbrella companies and you will be given the list upon offer.

Q. Can I change the umbrella company I contract through, mid-contract?

A. Yes, but do not change before informing us. Instead, please get in touch with your contact at Equiniti Hazell Carr who will explain the process to you. 

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