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Supporting businesses through lockdown

Mon 20 Apr 2020

We are now in week four of “Stay at Home” during the pandemic and everyone is adjusting to the new “normal”.  Our first thoughts at EQ Hazell Carr are about keeping everyone safe and we pride ourselves on being a safe pair of hands in ensuring the delivery of crucial services to end customers, no matter what. Our service provision has adapted swiftly using remote working ensuring the crucial services we provide continue without interruption.

Helping businesses support vulnerable customers

In particular we are supporting those companies experiencing higher than normal customer contact volumes, such as lenders who are approved to provide the Government’s Coronavirus Business Interruption Loans Scheme (CBILS).  With unprecedented measures now in place to help businesses survive this period of extreme uncertainty, it is vital that companies can quickly and easily access these loans.   

Despite the challenges the lockdown brings for resourcing, we at EQ Hazell Carr are continuing to successfully start new projects with our clients on a remote working basis, including training being provided online and by video call.  

Flexible, Trusted and Prepared

As coronavirus began to hit the headlines, we initiated conversations early on with our clients and put forward solutions to enable our teams to work from home that didn’t compromise information security standards. Our strong working relationships and the bond of trust we share with our clients have allowed both sides to work swiftly and flexibly to achieve whole teams working remotely.

With many of our clients handling sensitive data, security was a huge concern and we are pleased to say that the IT teams and staff on both sides have worked tirelessly so that no compromises needed to be made to ensure the continued level of service and security our clients expect. With considerable ingenuity and lots of hard work, our teams are able to continue working with end customers and processing data just as if they were still in the office.

It’s all Virtual

With most staff now working from home, the need for regular contact is even more important. To ensure productivity and morale we have adopted many online and virtual initiatives that keep our project teams connected as they adjust to the new working situation. Virtual floor walking and regular morning meetings ensure the teams keep connected and staff feel supported during this difficult time. Group chat sessions and online training are also available to keep social contacts and support networks in place, and EQ Hazell Carr’s own resourcing and management teams remain available to all our contractors as well as our clients.

The New Normal

As we come out of this period of adjustment, companies and their staff are starting to settle into this new way of working by adapting to the changes it’s bringing both on their own business and their customers’.

Whilst many will see volumes reducing for a (hopefully brief) time, others will be seeing increased customer demand, particularly as many of them have now found themselves in vulnerable circumstances.

The world is changing and whether you are an existing customer or thinking of using our services, we want you to know that we are here to help you get through these uncertain times and emerge ready to take on new challenges.

Contact us to find out more about how we continue to support businesses throughout the pandemic.