Services for Utilities Companies

Providing experts on demand to help utility companies better serve their customers


The combination of our experienced teams and established processes means our utilities clients are able to remove the risks associated with some of their major customer service tasks such as:

  • Handling and categorising client based billing enquiries
  • Identifying vulnerable customers and treating them appropriately
  • Dealing with all complaints, including escalated and Director complaints
  • Undertaking customer correspondence, including proactive mailing exercises, inbound mail processing, scanning and handling telephone calls. 

Equiniti Hazell Carr was able to deploy in the region of 20 individuals, including an Operations Manager, Team Leaders and customer service agents on a peak-load project. Whilst on-site they worked hard to ensure productivity and performance levels were met, as more senior members of their team assisted with in-house process enhancement and re-engineering work. 

— Head of Contact Centres, Water Supplier

Some examples of our projects and services include:

  • Short term provision of interim resources to address peak-load issues
  • Root cause analysis and effective management information
  • Process enhancement projects to revitalise customer engagement operations
  • Quality assurance programmes and audits
  • Long-term outsourcing and insourcing arrangements
  • Performance management reviews and best practice advice
  • Systems testing, IT links and data transfers


Equiniti Hazell Carr was able to swiftly deploy a large team of highly skilled individuals to support the clearance of outstanding complaints and escalation cases. They deployed the team in an extraordinarily short space of time and the individuals were all very well qualified, had the relevant experience and demonstrated a high level of professionalism.  

— Head of Escalations and Complaints, Energy Provider

To find out more about how we support energy, water and telecoms companies, contact us today. 

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