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Services for Consumer Credit Firms

Through our specialist consultants, we can help Consumer Credit Firms resolve many of their key challenges.

  • Affordability – process review/evidence of decision making/compliance, creditworthiness assessments
  • Vulnerability – working with you to identify vulnerable customers and providing you with the skills to ensure these customers are treated appropriately
  • Complaints and Remediation – process review and recommendations, best practice, case handling
  • Past Business Review projects and RCA with actionable results to prevent industry censure and fines
  • Working with CMCs – complaints and claims handling best practice, streamline processes, outsourced options
  • Fully outsourced options available to speed up response times

Some examples of our projects and capabilities include:

  • Complaints handling review to sample consistency and fair outcomes to customers.
  • Remediation treatment strategies to ensure future consistency and fair outcomes are applied to decisions.
  • Expert resources to help manage peaks in demand to get back within FCA requirements.
  • Implement checks and balances to ensure robust evidence of creditworthiness and affordability.
  • Identify and mitigate areas of exposure and risk throughout the business
  • Customer engagement strategies
  • Operational reviews and recommendations
  • Past Business Review expertise
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