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The people at the very heart of our business

At the heart of our business are our much sought-after Equiniti Hazell Carr contractors, who deliver regulated solutions on time and on budget. Each and every contractor is a valued member of the Equiniti Hazell Carr team and by looking after our contractors well, we are rewarded with the highest calibre of skilled people.

Whilst we want the best in the business, it’s equally important that they fit into our team, just like we need them to fit into your team. Vigilant recruitment means that not only do we ensure our contractors have the right skills, qualifications, determination, knowledge and experience but also that they have the right attitude to add value for our clients.

We’re able to provide resourcing solutions to suit a wide variety of requirements, including financial services positions, customer services, contractor resourcing, regulated industry professionals, customer complaints handlers, financial services recruitment and a skilled regulated solutions workforce.

By having a network of over 3,000 qualified and experienced Contractors across the UK, we are able to offer businesses an unrivalled selection of skilled professionals, available to work on or off-site. We can provide the resourcing solution for projects needing anything from just one or two contractors, right up to a team of 500 plus.

  • We analyse each CV and speak to potential contractors to ascertain suitability and possible opportunities
  • Potential candidates are invited to a meet and greet session with our resourcing team so that both parties can share any questions or queries
  • Successful contractors are registered on our system and provided access to our online Xchange facility, where they can apply for our range of skills-matched placements

Over the past few years Equiniti Hazell Carr has provided us with a range of flexible services and has developed into a key supplier to our business. The challenges we face change rapidly, so it is crucial that the outsourcing and interim-resource solutions Equiniti Hazell Carr provides have evolved to meet our needs. Having Equiniti Hazell Carr as a partner provides us with the agility and expertise our operation needs to cope with ever changing workloads and time-sensitive demands.

I have now been on this project for over 10 months and it has been a fantastic experience. The project is dynamic so there are always going to be opportunities to progress and develop and you can really succeed in this environment.

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